Goldendance Golden Retrievers
Goldendance Golden Retrievers

We are proud to be members of the Kennel Club Assured Breeders scheme. This scheme is Accredited by UKAS. For more information on the scheme, please take a look at the Kennel Club website.

We are also members of the Golden Retriever Club, and several of our "local" working gundog clubs.

All our puppies will :

Be seen with their Mum;

Be KC registered;

Will be micro-chipped;

Be wormed and protected against fleas;
Be Vet checked;

Be at least 8 weeks old before they leave our home;

A start made on crate training by us; (we can supply a crate when you leave with your puppy, contact us for more details) and, more importantly, training on how to achieve it at your home;
have started toilet training;

have five weeks free insurance, (from the Kennel Club);

be supplied with 2kg of food for the puppy, and an option to purchase a large bag of the same food for a reduced rate;

be supplied with information on their care, feeding etc.

We will give lifetime support and advice for you and your puppy, if you require.

What we ask from you:

Vaccinations: We will no longer be arranging for the first vaccination to be done at our vets. There are two reasons for this. Firstly it isn't a good idea to have the vaccination and microchip done at the same time due to the proximity of both injections (ie scruff of the neck) as some pups (not ours) have had an adverse reaction if done at the same time. Secondly, many vets seem to be unwilling to get the same vaccination type as what seems to be common in the south west, and because of this some of our pups have had to start all over again when they have gone with their new owners. So, as a prospective puppy owner, you will need to arrange with your vet for both vaccinations, preferably as soon as possible so that your pup can go out and about by the time they are 12 weeks old.

We do require all of our prospective puppy owners to visit us with any of their children under the age of 13. This is purely to ensure that the children are happy to be around puppies. We also ask you to sign a puppy sales contract. For a copy please contact us. (one day I'll work out how to do a pdf copy on a link to the website!)
We would like to keep in contact with everyone who is lucky enough to have one of our puppies, for lifetime support, advice and care.
Stud dogs for our previous litters

Ebble (KC name Gospelash Hightime)

Ebble is the latest stud dog we have used, with Amber for her litter in 2020. We used Ebble as he isn't related to Amber or Kingston and we wanted to keep a pup of our own from this litter. Ebble has a clear eye certificate and good hips / elbrows. He's a working dog that lives near Shaftesbury.

Ebble, April 2019

Kingston (Rowan's son)

Kingston sired his first litter with our girl Hazel in 2019 and our current litter with Willow in 2022. He has a clear eye certificate and good hip scores / elbrow grades. We will be using him again in the future.

Kingston, posing in the rear garden, 19/1/20

Rowan (Our own boy!)
Rowan sired his first litter with Bramble in 2015. They had eight pups, 4 boys and 4 girls. He Sired his second litter with Amber in 2016, and he sired his 3rd litter with Hazel in 2017 . He sired his 4th litter with Tess (dear Bramble's sister) and Kingstons mother in 2017. And finally he sired Ambers second litter in 2018.

Rowan, rather pround to be in part of the garden where the dogs dont normally go, 2015
Murray is Lancer's half brother and is also owned by Gwen and Mike. Murray (Holway Murray of Tauvechan) sired Willow's last litter and is therefore the father of Amber and Hazel. He is KC registered with a good hip score anda current clear eye certificate. Murray is a wonderful character and we had lots of fun when he mated with Willow, leading us a merry dance around the woods where he lives. We are most grateful to both Gwen and Mike for all their help, advice and their knowledge freely given.
Murray, rather keen to meet Willow, May 2014
Willow, Holly and Pip have all mated with a stud dog called Lancer. (Merryway Lancer at Tauvechan). Lancer has sired 5 of our Litters. He is KC registered and a Field Trial Winner. He has good hip scores and a current clear eye certificate. Lancer has a wonderful gentle temperament, combined with intelligence and a natural desire to retrieve (as all retrievers should!). Hopefully a photograph will appear below of Lancer in the wood near where he lives. I'm afraid it's not a very good photo, but in my defence the lighting was rather poor and it was very cold and windy at the time!
Two photo's of Lancer taken in 2012

Jambo our previous stud dog pictured below. His full name is Jambo Habari of Hele at Grayspeed and he is a field trial winner. He sired two litters with Holly, and one with Willow. If you want to see pictures of previous litters of puppies, please look at the previous puppy photo's page. As you can see from the photo, Jambo is a beautiful dark golden coloured retriever who enjoys posing for the camera! Jambo is KC registered, a field trial winner, has good hip scores and a current clear eye certificate. He is a family pet and lives in the house with his owners, Robin and Sue.


Jambo sadly passed away in 2018, at the grand old age of 16 years.

If you would like to be added to the reservation list, please email us with your details.
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