Goldendance Golden Retrievers
Goldendance Golden Retrievers

Welcome to our website which explains all about our Golden Retrievers. All our dogs, Holly, Rowan, Bramble, Amber and Hazel live in the home as family pets, and some are trained as working gundogs. They are all from working lines and have several field trial champions in their pedigree. Willow RIP 18/08/16 (right) and Holly (left) are intelligent, alert, very loving and eager to please. Rowan (middle) is trained as a working gundog and he came all the way from Stranraer to join us as a puppy. Pippin was one of Holly and Jambo's pups born on the 9/9/10 and was sadly killed in a road traffic accident on 28/02/14. Maple, one of Willow and Lancer's pups was born on the 2/5/11. Very distressingly, Maple died on 3/7/14 in her final stages of labour with her first litter. Bramble joined us as a 2 and a half year old in November 2014 from Yorkshire and Lancer is her father. Amber and Hazel are two of Willow's last litter and were born on 17/7/14, their father being Murray, Lancers half - brother.


It is with deep sadness and regret that I type this; On Thursday, 18th 0f August our beloved Willow passed away after a short illness. Willow, our first dog (along with Holly) has been our constant companion for nearly ten years. She was our introduction into the world of working golden retrievers, and she was a wonderful, even tempered, very affectionate girl. Up until this year, she has been remarkably fit and healthy and her passing has come as a shock to us all. Briefly, Willow developed a shortness of breath on tuesday evening, so we rushed to the vets and had an x-ray. It appeared to show that air had escaped from a lung into her chest cavity. Willow stayed at the vets overnight, and this was confirmed by another x-ray on wednesday morning. A drain was fitted so that the air could be removed, and this seemed to improve the situation, but unfortunately on thurday afternoon, the leak became uncontrollable, and so we took the immensely difficult and upsetting decision to stop her suffering anymore. I took Willow for a little walk and was there for her at the end. We both miss Willow terribly: Her enquiring look, her wonderful nature, her enthusiasm for walks and retrieving sessions and her ability to read our minds and to comfort us when we were upset will be sorely missed. RIP my darling xxx


About us:

We are a small kennel with 5 dogs, and we enjoy all aspects of owning dogs, from training them as pups, through to training them for competition. All of our dogs live in the house and are family pets. We do have kennels which are used "part-time" usually in the mornings after the morning walk. We breed either one or two litters a year, primarily for the enjoyment and to try and offer an alternative to what we call the "show" type retriever. Our pups are actually golden in colour (not white or cream) and are generally smaller and less "hairy". Being from working lines, they are easily trainable as pets and can be trained towards competition standard with a little more work.We aim to breed Golden Retriever puppies with lovely temperaments, free from heriditary problems. We breed the occasional litter using KC registered studs, who have good hip scores and current clear eye certificates. All of our dogs are KC registered and we are KC assured breeders who uphold the aims of the scheme, namely to breed puppies from parents who have been tested for the heriditary problems in the breed, and to give our new puppy owners all the support and advice they need. Holly, Bramble, Amber and Hazel have good hip scores, clear BVA/KC eye certificates, and are micro-chipped. Rowan is microchipped and DNA profiled, a clear BVA/KC eye certificate and also has good hip scores. Rowan is available to be used as a stud dog, and more information will be available by contacting us using the email address on the contact us page. Rowan has sired one litter for us so far, and we hope to use him more in the future.

Introducing our Dogs:

Holly (left) and Willow (RIP 2016) spending time together, January 2010

Rowan retrieving a dummy pheasant during a training session, April 2011
Pippin sat posing for the camera, may 2011 Aged 8 months. Sadly passed away after a road traffic accident in february 2014.
Maple looking cute, as only puppies can, July 2011 Aged 9 weeks, Sadly passed away on 3/7/14 in the final stages of labour with her first litter.
Bramble, looking fit and interested in the camera, 7th December 2014
Amber (left) and Hazel out learning the sit/stay command 20th December 2014
We are proud to sponsor two dogs through the dogs trust. For more details please see the links page.
Thank - you for looking at our web site, we hope you find it interesting and that you enjoy reading about our Golden Retrievers!
Rob and Carol
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