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GoldendanceĀ GoldenĀ Retrievers
We wish it to be known that we are no longer associated in any way with the charity called "Woofability assistance dogs" based in Dorset.
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Please feel free to contact us at any time about anything regarding Goldens, or any specific questions you may have. If you have any suggestions on how the website can be improved (as long as its not too technical!) please email us.
Thanks, Rob and Carol

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Holly with her first litter of puppies, June 2009
We are very pleased to sponsor 2 dogs via the Dogstrust. The Dogstrust is a very worthy charity dedicated to looking after abandoned and unwell dogs of all breeds. Please use the link below to go to their website: The dogs we sponsor are shown below:
Freddie (left) and Kara are the dogs we currently sponsor with the dogs trust.
Stella (left), J-Lo and Woody are previous dogs we've sponsored. Stella sadly passed away in early 2012, but happily J-Lo and Woody have been rehomed.
I am also involved with the rebuilding of an old railway line in Plymouth. It runs from a place called Marsh Mills and our aim is to reach Plymbridge. The railway runs alongside a cycle track which is also much frequented by people walking their dogs (including me!)Take a look at their website:
Carol sponsors a snow leopard with WWF. A beautiful creature that faces extinction. For more details please visit:
We are members of the Woodland trust, a charity which is dedicated to conserving as much of our native woodland as possible. Their website is:
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Goldendance dogs are contented dogs