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Goldendance Golden Retrievers

The New Photo Gallery

Or rather it will be once I've worked out how to use this new website builder! Sorry..... Well what you see below is my first attempt to load up a few photo's: just need to work out a format / formats for presenting the photos. I may even split it amongst several pages. I have added captions but I'm not sure how they'll appear..... Rob, 13/9/16


This page has been set up so that photos of Willow (RIP), Holly, Rowan, Pippin (RIP), Maple (RIP), Bramble (RIP), Amber and Hazel can be seen in a photo gallery, along with lots of photo's of Holly's litters, Willows litters, our beloved Pippin's one and only litter, and Bramble's litter. What can be noticed from these photos is how the colour of their coats gradually deepens as they mature. It is said that you can tell what colour they will be by the colour of their ears when they are puppies. If you look at the puppy photos I guess this makes sense. I will carry on expanding it as time and photo's permit. Just a small note about the photos. They are not doctored or altered in any way, apart from sorting out the brightness on some of them. There are two reasons for this; I believe photos should record what actually was there and not what you want to be there; and frankly I'm not that good with photo manipulation!


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