Goldendance Golden Retrievers
Goldendance Golden Retrievers
This page has been set up to detail all of Holly and Willow's puppies from their litters. I would like to thank everyone for emailing the photos to me. I'm sure you'll all see how the pup's resemble both Holly and Willow, and their dads, Jambo and Lancer. We keep in contact with as many of our puppy owners as we can, and we are really glad to hear that all the pups are getting along well, and have grown to be such wonderful dogs.
9 pups, 3 girls & 6 boys: kennel names based on an orange theme, but I can't remember why!
Armstrong (Goldendance Orange Sayers), Wootton Basset. Biscuit (Goldendance Orange Jasmine), Bransgore.Bracken (Goldendance Orange Bracken),Dorset. Casper (Goldendance Orange Glory), Dorset. Cassie (Goldendance Orange Queen),Plymouth. Dexter (Goldendance Dexter), Berkshire. Lillie (Goldendance Orange Lillie), St. Austell. Marley (Goldendance Orange King), Gloucester. Oscar (Goldendance Orange Pip), Hertfordshire.
Ethan & Lillie 30th October 2009 Marley, 6th January 2010
9 pups, 5 girls 4 boys: Kennel names based on a snow theme as Jambo and Willow mated in the snow.
Barley (Goldendance Snow Shower), Nottingham. Lilly (Goldendance Snowfall), Dorset. Maverick (Goldendance Snow Blizzard), Exeter. Meg (Goldendance Snowflake), Berkshire. Rusty (Goldendance Snowball), Nottingham. Sadie (Goldendance Snow Storm), Nottingham. Sally (Goldendance Snow Maiden), Bognor Regis. Saxon (Goldendance Snow Flurry), Cullompton, East Devon. Willow (Goldendance Snow Drop), Bude, North Devon
Barley, the policeman (!) 24/06/10 Rusty and companion, 31/05/10
10 pups, 7 girls and 3 boys; Kennel names based on Herbs as Holly and Jambo mated in Jambo's owners herb garden!
Chewie (Goldendance Ground Elder), Plymout. Cookie (Goldendance Pineapple Mint), Norfolk. Dylon (Goldendance Hollyhock), Axminster. Jackson (Goldendance Silver Fir), Totnes. Maisy (Goldendance Aloe Vera), Southampton. Mylo (Goldendance Blue Cohosh), Birmingham. Nora (Goldendance Lady's Mantle), Gloucester. Pippin (Goldendance Venus Pippin), Our Girl! Sadie (Goldendance Sweey Violet), Helston. Tilly (Goldendance Corn Flower), St. Agnes
Nora, 05/12/10 Cookie 08/11/10
WILLOW'S LITTER, 2nd May 2011
11 pups, 1 girl 10 boys: Kennel names generally named after constellations as my son likes to star gaze.
Bailey (Goldendance Hydrus), West Midlands. Barney (Goldendance Beham), Gunnislake, East Cornwall. Ben (Goldendance Serpens), Leamington Spa. Buster (Goldendance Vulpecula) Cullompton, East Devon. Floyd (Goldendance Bestandan), Plymouth. Fred (Goldendance Musca), Martock, Somerset. Jackson ( Goldendance Draco), Plymouth. Jake (Goldendance Cetus), Jersey. Maple (Goldendance Field Maple) Our girl! Snipe (Goldendance Lupus) Langport, Somerset. Woody (Goldendance Ankaa) Berry Pomeroy, South Devon
Woody, 7/7/11 Snipe, his first time in water 3/9/11
7 pups, 4 girls and 3 boys: Kennel names from characters associated with the story of Spartacus
Cookie (Goldendance Neavia), Isle of Man. Harry (Goldendance Crixus), Ipplepen, Devon. Honey (Goldendance Aurelia), Kingsbridge, Devon. Max (Goldendance Quintus), London. Pebbles (Goldendance Lithyia), Weymouth. Storm (Goldendance Doctore), Newton Abbot. Tammy (Goldendance Lucretia), Shropshire
Harry, 20/7/12 Honey, 17/7/12
WILLOW'S LITTER, 20th August 2012
2 pups, both girls. Our first litter where we very sadly "lost" a pup. The second one was still born, and greatly upset both of us. We nicknamed the little pup "magic" and is buried in our back garden with a little plaque marking the spot. The other 2 kennel names are based around "magic", marvel for the first born and miracle for the third (and last) born. It still upsets me now, as I type this 4 months later.
Lily (Goldendance True Miracle), Saltash, Cornwall. Skippy (Goldendance True Marvel), Guernsey
Lily, 27/10/12 Skippy, Christmas day 2012
PIPPIN'S LITTER, 28th April 2013
8 pups, 4 girls and four boys. Kennel names are based on game birds that golden retrievers cna / would have retrieved. We decided on these as it's the 100 year anniversary of the Golden retriever club this year.
Bella (Goldendance Pheasant), Stroud. Cassie (Goldendance Partridge), Stroud. Darwin (Goldendance Ptarmigan), Saltash - joining Lily, one of Willow's pups. Honey (Goldendance Teal), East Devon - joining Buster, also one of Willow's pups!. Mitchum (Goldendance Capercaillie), Stroud. Riley (Goldendance Pintail), Cornwall. Simba (Goldendance Pochard), London. Teague (Goldendance Quail), Plymouth.
And yes, 3 of Pip's pups went to members of the same family in Stroud!
Bella, 30/06/13 Teague, 01/07/13
HOLLY'S LITTER, 16th July 2013
7 pups, 4 girls and 3 boys: Kennel names were based on saints associated with Cornwall.
Jasper (Goldendance Saint Rumonus), Essex. Kiba (Goldendance Saint Buriana), Jersey. Taffy (Goldendance Saint Mabyn), London. Mini (Goldendance Saint Breaca), Isle of Arran, Scotland. Reuben (Goldendance Saint Petroc), Chelmsford. Sally (Goldendance Saint Morwenna), Plymouth. Simba (Goldendance Saint Gwinear), Hampshire.
Jasper, March 2014 Mini, November 2013
WILLOW'S LITTER, 17th July 2014
7 pups, 4 girls and 3 boys, named after woodland birds as Willow and Murray mated in a wood, apart from our two girls.
Amber (Goldendance Golden Amber), Our girl. Dunnock (Goldendance Dunnock), Mid Devon. Hazel (Goldendance Common Hazel), Our second girl. Kara (Goldendance Siskin), Surrey. Lottie (Goldendance Chiffchaff), London. Merlot (Goldendance Redstart), South Devon. Ollie (Goldendance Firecrest), Buckinghamshire.
Kara, May 2015 Merlot, August 2015
From the left, Hazel, Merlot and Amber re-united at Goldendance, September 2015
BRAMBLE'S LITTER, 16th September 2015
8 pups, 4 boys and 4 girls, named after Bramble and Rowan as it is the first litter he sired.
Bella (Goldendance Brambles Girl), Isle of Wight. Cody (Goldendance Rowans son), Oldham. Digby (Goldendance Rowans Heir), Gloucestershire. Dolly (Goldendance Brambles Dame), Bournemouth. Ember (Goldendance Brambles Lady), Somerset. Flint (Goldendance Rowans Boy), London. George (Goldendance Rowans Lad), Sulfolk. Jessie (Goldendance Brambles Lass), Berkshire. Jessie has joined Meg, from Willow's first litter.
Bella, December 2015 Digby, December 2015

We have had several more litters since this, but there's only so many cute puppy photo's that you can look at!

I'm sure you'll all agree that the pups are gorgeous! It is wonderful for both carol and myself to see how all our girls' puppies are growing up, we still miss them all!

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